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Thursday, July 30, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Appraising Your Home

Having your home appraised is an important process. Appraisers are there to assess the value of the home. Homeowners or lenders hire appraisers to ensure the price to be paid for the home matches other homes recently sold in the area. The main focus of a home appraisal is to see the value by looking at structure of the home, land, and comparable home sales in the same neighborhood or geographic region.

Some specific factors are the age of the home, the roof, the mechanics, and the foundation. The appraiser will also factor in features which give the home more value. These include swimming pools, updated bathrooms, and upgraded kitchens with high end appliances. This can also include other interior features such as updated fixtures, lights and faucets. The appraiser will also look at the neighborhood or where the home is located and what area it is in. Property size also goes into the appraisers report. This can include the lot size, number of rooms in the home, and if there is roo ...

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Thursday, July 23, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Final Walk Through Tips

There are many phases of buying and selling a home. Although all steps are important, others negate specific attention such as the final walk through. The final walk through of a home is very important. It ensures that all negotiation requirements have been met and everything is good to go before close on escrow.

Today, I will be discussing a variety of tips for ensuring a smooth final walk through. When your house is essentially empty, this is a great time to inspect certain elements. Inspect ceiling, walls and floors for any imperfections. This is also a great time to check that doors don’t squeak or wiggle. If there is any noise, a simple tightening of hinges or application of WD-40 is an easy fix. Turn on and off every light switch to ensure they are all functioning properly, in addition to testing all outlets. Open and close all windows and make sure there are no cracks or leaks in or around the window.

Another important thing to remember is to test everything in ...

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Thursday, July 16, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Budget Home Staging

Home staging is something that has been widely talked about over the years. One route is having a professional come in and stage your home to show off its best features and create focal points in each room. Most people can’t afford a luxury of hiring someone to handle these details for them. In that case, I’m sharing some tips for home staging on a budget. These tips will help you show off your home's qualities and add to the final selling price of your home.

When it comes to the bedrooms of the home, try to use gender-neutral colors for paint and accessories featured within the room. A nice headboard on each bed creates a focal point in the room and adds sophistication. The bedroom should always appear as a place of relaxation. Another feature that sellers look at is closet space. A homeowner should organize clothes to show off storage space within the closet. You want to maximize the amount of storage space being featured. Another added touch is using all matching h ...

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Thursday, July 9, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

How to Make a Room Appear Larger

One common denominator that people buying or selling a house strive for is large rooms. A large living room or dining room is sometimes the make or break item in a house. As a seller, or as a buyer of an already purchased home, these tips will help to enlarge a seemingly small space with minimal effort.

Install a large mirror on a wall. An ideal spot is the opposite wall of windows or doors. This way the natural light that comes in will reflect off of the mirror which gives the illusion of more space. The reflections of artificial and natural light also make the room appear brighter and larger. To add onto this, lots of light is a big aspect in making a room feel bigger. Keep shades as open as possible. The bright open windows give a connection to the outside which somewhat enhances the feeling of more space. A well-lit room is also more inviting. Lighter color schemes or pale colors also reflect light better than darker shades.

Another way to make a room appear larger is to ...

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Thursday, July 2, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Fourth of July Safety

Fourth of July celebrations can be a fun time. People receive days off of work, and many will have parties to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. Fourth of July weekend is consistently filled with fireworks, grilling, and bonfires. Below I will discuss a few safety tips regarding each of these.
First are fireworks. The Fourth of July is synonymous with fireworks. If you plan to set off your own fireworks, make sure they are legal in your city and state. Some areas have fire bans during the hot, dry time of year. If you plan to set off your own fireworks, keep a hose or bucket of water close by. Never try to relight fireworks that didn’t go off properly. Also when setting off fireworks, keep a distance of at least 25 feet from homes and spectators. If you aren’t setting fireworks off, many cities provide an excellent fireworks show done by professionals.

Grilling safety is also important when discussing Fourth of July weekend. Always have someone supervisi ...

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