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Outside Maintenance for a Fall Ready Home

Thursday, September 17, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Outside Maintenance for a Fall Ready Home

With Labor Day’s passing, many people immediately assume it is fall. Although changes in temperature may or may not have happened in your area, it is good to prepare for the change in seasons earlier rather than later. Today I will discuss a few simple things to cross off your checklist in terms of easy outdoor maintenance.

First, trim all trees. Even though this seems like a project for after fall, try to remember to do it when trees have branches that are full and heavy with leaves. Waiting until the leaves fall may seem like the easier task, but you have defeated the purpose of tree trimming. The fullness on the branches will better show where the trees need trimming, and where it is most necessary. You can try to time this tree trimming activity with mulching as well. Rent a chipper for the tree branches you have just trimmed and turn these branches into mulch for your yard. Adding an extra layer of mulch to your trees and bushes, and other temperature sensitive yard plants, can really aid in the recovery of these plants and trees for the next season.

Another tip is to properly pack and store all outdoor furniture. Be sure to thoroughly clean furniture first. Cold weather can really tarnish, weather, and age beautiful outdoor furniture and cushions. Storing furniture and cushions properly can greatly extend the life of these items. Also, don’t forget to pack up lawn ornaments, flower pots, and seasonal summer decor. Testing outdoor lighting is also important. With the upcoming change in season, the sun will set sooner and rise later. The last thing anyone wants is leaving or arriving home in the dark without a wet lit path or home.

These simple, yet effective changes can help aid your homes transition into fall seamlessly. If you, or someone you know, is interested in selling a home, specifically in the Lorain or Cuyahoga counties, feel free to contact us at Chase Group - Keller Williams Realty, Greater Cleveland West online here or at 440-452-2000.