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Indoor Maintenance for a Fall Ready Home

Thursday, September 24, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Indoor Maintenance for a Fall Ready Home

Today, I will be discussing indoor maintenance for a fall ready home. This week’s blog is going to build off of last week’s blog which can be read here. Although outdoor maintenance is important for ensuring the exterior of your home is in working order for fall, indoor maintenance is just as important. Since cooler temperatures mean more time indoors, you want to be sure your home is in good standing.

In last week’s blog, I discussed cleaning the outside light fixtures, making sure they have working light bulbs, and are good to go. This is important for inside as well. With daylight shortening, you will be spending more time inside using artificial lighting. Check all light fixtures to make sure all have working bulbs. If you can, take light fixtures apart and wash with a soapy water mix to remove all dust buildup and dirt. This will ensure you are getting the brightest light in the room.

Another routine maintenance item is to clean the carpets or rugs in the house. Chances are, you brought some of the summer weather back inside with you. If you can afford, have a professional come and deep clean the carpets. If not, rent a machine yourself or do a very meticulous vacuuming job as a do-it-yourself project. Having carpets cleaned can also rid the carpets of any allergens that came inside during the summer months. Another great way to rid your home of allergens is to change the furnace filter. This, coupled with clean carpets, can ensure you are breathing clean fresh air.

Opening and closing of blinds and windows to let in nice summer air or a cooler fall breeze can also mean an increase in dust. Nice weather can lead to an increase in finger and hand prints on windows from opening and closing. Give windows a nice cleaning and wipe down dust buildup on blinds. You can even go as far as washing or steaming your curtains or other window treatments.

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