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Home Organization for Back to School

Thursday, August 13, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Home Organization for Back to School

Getting everything ready or back to school time can be chaotic, stressful and disorganized. By designating simple changes and providing some areas for homework and school items, this can greatly cut down on the stress. Today, I will discuss some helpful tips to keep everything organized and in turn help keep your home clean and functional.

As a parent, schools seem to provide an endless supply of papers sent home with the kids. Designate a section in a filing cabinet with each child’s name on the file. Sort papers into one file that needs immediate attention, such as due dates or permission slips for field trips that need to be signed and returned. Have another section of the folder for keepsakes, such as special notes or art projects. Once you have these organized it is important that you have a calendar. Either use a reusable dry erase calendar or a planner of some kind that you view every day. Take all the dates from the important papers and put them on the calendar so you know exactly when everything is due.

Another great tip is to have cubbies or some sort of special area designated for school items. This can be located in an entry way or in the child’s room. Get into a routine where they know where to grab their backpacks, special papers or their shoes from this area. This ensures everything has a place and no one forgets anything important. You can even color code notebooks and folders by subject and designate a spot for them. Have a caddy or a storage box filled with extra school supplies. The child can then replenish if they have run out of items from school or they can use it for their homework.

If you are afraid of forgetting certain things or afraid of your child forgetting an important piece of paper, have a section on the door designated for these things. Be able to clip the paper or write a message as an extra reminder. This ensures no one walks out without everything they need. Applying a few of these home organization tips can help everyone function on an effective schedule and routine.

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