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Final Walk Through Tips

Thursday, July 23, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Final Walk Through Tips

There are many phases of buying and selling a home. Although all steps are important, others negate specific attention such as the final walk through. The final walk through of a home is very important. It ensures that all negotiation requirements have been met and everything is good to go before close on escrow.

Today, I will be discussing a variety of tips for ensuring a smooth final walk through. When your house is essentially empty, this is a great time to inspect certain elements. Inspect ceiling, walls and floors for any imperfections. This is also a great time to check that doors don’t squeak or wiggle. If there is any noise, a simple tightening of hinges or application of WD-40 is an easy fix. Turn on and off every light switch to ensure they are all functioning properly, in addition to testing all outlets. Open and close all windows and make sure there are no cracks or leaks in or around the window.

Another important thing to remember is to test everything in and around the house. This even includes testing the garage door and garage door opener. Test the heating and air conditioning, garbage disposal and exhaust fans and all appliances. Run all sinks and tub water, check around piping for leaks and cracks.

These are all simple tips to provide a much smoother final walk through for everyone involved.  If you or someone you know is interested in selling a home, specifically in the Lorain or Cuyahoga counties, feel free to contact us at Chase Group - Keller Williams Realty, Greater Cleveland West online here or at 440-452-2000.