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Easy Maintenance Plants and Flowers

Thursday, June 25, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Easy Maintenance Plants and Flowers

Anyone who is buying or selling a home can attest to the importance of having good curb appeal. Not only is curb appeal appropriate in the front yard, but having a nice looking backyard is also a great selling point. The plants and flowers discussed below are easy low maintenance items for any homeowner or experienced gardener.

The Hosta is the most commonly known low or easy maintenance plant. If you have a shaded area in your landscape that most plants can’t tolerate, put a hosta! There are hundreds of varieties and the colors range from blue to greens. There are also large and small plants with an assortment of leaf variations. After the hosta season is done, all you need to do is remove the dead branches and wait for next season. Another low maintenance plant is ornamental grass. Ornamental grass can be used to mark as a boundary line or as a focal point. Some types are very small and contained, while others will grow to be large and even seed themselves. Ornamental grass flourishes in the summer into the winter. When the season is over, cut the ornamental grass to the ground each spring before they start to grow.

If you aren’t quite ready to deal with flowers but want something more than just a plant, a spirea shrub is a great option. Spirea shrubs stay beautiful all season long. They range from a compact size to large. They bloom and flower during the summer and fall. After the season, just prune them down to retain their shape.

If you want some pops of color in your low maintenance garden and landscape Daylilies and Rudbeckia are great options. Daylilies are very low maintenance and will continue to get bigger each year. They even bloom multiple times each season. After the season just clear away the dead growth. A rudbeckia is more commonly known as Black Eyed Susans. They bloom after most flowers have died for the season at the end of summer. They bloom summer to fall and are known for their bright yellow color. With hardly any maintenance they will continue to come back season after season, just be sure to clean up the dead growth before they start.