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Dispelling Myths: First Time Home Buyers

Wednesday, June 5, 2019   /   by Matt Chase

Dispelling Myths: First Time Home Buyers

There are often myths that are commonly believed when it comes to first time home buyers. 

We are going to dispel these and encourage more people to stop paying rent, and to get their own mortgage, because it doesn't have to be a scary process! 

Myth #1: You need a 20% down payment. This is not true. You can put as little as 3% down; or with USDA or VA loans; you can put 0% down! Down payment assistant programs are also available and our agents have the experience with them. 

Myth #2: You must have a 800 credit score. Wrong again! If your credit score is anywhere near 600, you have a shot. We have had clients with rough credit issues and we have worked out a game plan to build her credit and get her in her first home.

Myth #3: You must have 2 year industry experience. Also a myth! all you need is the offer letter, and first pay stub. We have got recent graduates in their first homes, easily! 

We have a great relationship with lenders that work with all situations. Stop paying your landlords mortgage, and start paying your own!

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