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Budget Home Staging

Thursday, July 16, 2015   /   by Matt Chase

Budget Home Staging

Home staging is something that has been widely talked about over the years. One route is having a professional come in and stage your home to show off its best features and create focal points in each room. Most people can’t afford a luxury of hiring someone to handle these details for them. In that case, I’m sharing some tips for home staging on a budget. These tips will help you show off your home's qualities and add to the final selling price of your home.

When it comes to the bedrooms of the home, try to use gender-neutral colors for paint and accessories featured within the room. A nice headboard on each bed creates a focal point in the room and adds sophistication. The bedroom should always appear as a place of relaxation. Another feature that sellers look at is closet space. A homeowner should organize clothes to show off storage space within the closet. You want to maximize the amount of storage space being featured. Another added touch is using all matching hangers. It creates positive visual impact.

Bathrooms are another selling feature meticulously looked at when selling a home. For your bathrooms, a good scrub down and sanitizing of everything is key. Everyone likes a clean bathroom. Clear the counter tops of excess clutter, except for the essentials like hand soap. Also, display fresh towels. They can easily transform a bathroom from drab to spa-like.

When it comes to the kitchen and dining areas, easy changes can be made to modernize and complete both rooms in the staging process. In the kitchen specifically, adding new wood stain or paint to cabinets can easily transform the room. Replacing outdated brass knobs and drawer pulls to stainless steel or brushed nickel is an easy way to stay on trend and be appealing for buyers. The dining room shouldn’t be overlooked. Set the table and add some fresh flowers as a centerpiece.

A must-do when staging a home is light! The colors on the wall can add to the lightening and brightening of a room. As well as natural and artificial light, make sure lights are on and shades are opened. If you or someone you know is interested in selling a home, specifically in the Lorain or Cuyahoga counties, feel free to contact us at Chase Group - Keller Williams Realty, Greater Cleveland West online here or at 440-452-2000.